Albums Released by GYU this Year

It's been a super busy year for Grow Yourself Up, with a total of three albums released! Reminisce below...

Kicking off the year we had Wade Jackson's release of Crown & Cathedral. 

Rob Ross (Pop Dose): "Once again, Australian pop master Wade Jackson returns with a brand new album and a different direction. Nearly two years after his shimmering pop masterpiece, Whiskey Alpha Delta Echo, he delivers something in a “newer” or more “modern” pop vein and adds a definitive danceable/groove vibe to the elements. Crown & Cathedral is, yet again, another leap forward for this multi-instrumentalist wonder."


To follow, Saskwatch graced us with the release of their fourth album, Manual Override. 

The band on the meaning behind the album: "Manual Override is quite literally that, a reset. It’s an album about taking control over your life emotionally & physically, about deciding the person you want to be in a world that's changing every second."


Finally, Robert Muinos released his third album, under the title EP3.

Johnny Nail (Rolling Stone): "Recalling both the bare-boned expression and burst/settle contrast of Jason Molina, “Weeks At All” is a raw, cathartic-chasing journey through pain, pity and frustration. In a constant state of flux between knife-edge fragility and worry-weighted collapse, Muinos steers the song through both recalled scenes and blunt pick-me-downs, aimed both indirectly (“let it out”) and as more targeted blows (“your hate comes pouring like a waterfall”). All leading to a line that equally serves as a smirk-and-a-shrug that undos all before it and as a brutally poignant self-summary: “I run away and sing my little songs.”"

All in all, 2017 was a great year for us here at Grow Yourself Up

Merry Christmas, see you in the New Year!