Grow Yourself Up Licensing and Sync concentrates on actively talking with the leading Music Supervisors & Creative Agencies in TV, Film, TVCs, Online Content & Radio, with contacts in Australia and Worldwide. We have over 10 years experience in procuring lucrative sync licensing deals in all different mediums, and also composing for some of the biggest TV Networks and films in the world.

We believe music should be extremely well valued like any other art form. Our vision for the Licensing & Sync arm is to create opportunities with this principle in mind, with the greater goal being to assist musicians, artists and composers in building steady income streams to invest in their music and beyond.

We also offer original, tailored composition, sound design and audio post production. We have talented composers on board with a great spread of musical genres and knowledge. The right fit for the right style. 

We have worked on TV shows such as: Masterchef, Goggle Box, Shark Tank, Deadline Design, My France with Manu, The Face, Neighbours, Great White Matrix, Sea Patrol, Giggle and Hoot, Living with the Enemy, The Big Adventure, Mega Factories, Ahn does Brazil, Ahn does Scandanavia

If you are interested in working with us, please upload your music to our DISCO inbox.